Coffee Spotlight: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere

It has been a while since we did a coffee spotlight, and thought it would be a good time to reinstate it, especially with some of the great beans we’ve got in right now. Today’s guest hails from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Everybody give a warm welcome to Kochere! (wild applause).

Cup to Cup: Kochere, thanks so much for joining us.

Kochere: It’s my pleasure. I’m very happy to be a part of the Cup to Cup team.

Cup to Cup: That’s very thoughtful of you. So. We know you’re from the Yirgacheffe growing region of Ethiopia, but that’s a pretty large region, can you give us more specifics?

Kochere: Of course. I come from one of the districts in the Borena zone. It is found 25 miles south west of Yirgacheffe town,  located between  north of amaro gayo and fisahagentet. That’s 20 miles from amaro Gayotoward north and 15 miles south west of fisahagenet. Here are some pictures of my home.

Cup to Cup: Lovely. What are those bench looking things in the pictures?

Kochere: Those are raised beds. After I am harvested and washed, I am put out on these beds to dry.

Cup to Cup: It looks like you’re very well taken care of.

Kochere: I am! I am an heirloom varietal after all. 30% of the coffee exported form Yirgacheffe to the world has come from my home. ECX (Ethiopian commodities exchange) categorized “Kochere”as Q1 (quality one).

Cup to Cup: Impressive! Tell us how you came here to the U.S.

Kochere: I was lovingly brought here by my friends at Keffa Coffee. They are really fantastic people. They pay premium prices for the finest quality in order to encourage farmers to continually invest in quality. They purchase most of their coffees directly from farmers who strive to protect their lands, their waters and the well-being of their workers. Their strong relationships at origin and direct sourcing approach ensure that the farmers who produce me get a fair price.

Cup to Cup: Wow. But tell us, how do you taste?

Kochere: Pretty good if I do say so myself. I have wonderful berry berry and citrus notes as a drip coffee. As espresso I take on some spicy characteristics like clove. You should try me in a blend! I’m the life of the party.

Cup to Cup: Sounds delicious! Kochere, thanks so much for letting us interview you, and thanks for being a part of the Cup to Cup family.

Kochere: My pleasure. Everyone has been so nice to me, I’m looking forward to saying here for a while.