Friends of Cup to Cup: Le Cafe Gourmet

FCtC_May_ cafe gourmet_1.jpg

Le Café Gourmet is a traditional French bakery and sandwich shop located in historic downtown Savannah. The café is housed comfortably in a compact, tastefully decorated location off Montgomery Street, just north of Broughton. Their breads are home-made daily, and used for all variety of sandwiches. Their drink options include a mix of coffee drinks, matcha, teas, and soda. Le Café Gourmet is enjoying their second year in Savannah, with hopefully many more to come.

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The atmosphere of this cafe is one of another place entirely, one where French is spoken freely by both patrons and staff, customers are greeted with big smiles and the food is made fresh with little wait time. Artwork by local artists adorn tables and window sills, and French magazines lie organized beside a decorative fireplace. Exposed brick inside the café adds a rustic quality. Twice as I ate my Salmon Vienna, I overheard customers raving about what they called “the best sandwich in town.” To me, though, the magic of Le Café Gourmet happens in the oven: they consistently produce the best croissant I’ve had the pleasure to try. We have the pleasure of serving them at our cafe every Saturday. 

FCtC_May_ cafe gourmet.jpg


All in all, Le Café Gourmet stands as a stellar bakery, a wonderful sandwich shop, and a great spot for a breakaway from the common Savannah fare. Their business hours run 8am – 4pm Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm Saturdays, and 9am – 3pm on Sundays. They also offer the option to order via upstart food delivery service: Savannah Takeout, located at Drop in for a cup of Cup to Cup Coffee and a croissant, or stick around for a lovingly crafted sandwich on home-made bread. Either way, you can’t go wrong at Le Café Gourmet.

Written by Keith Baudry