Cup to Cup Barista Certification!

We here at Cup to Cup are extremely excited to share that we are beginning to roll out our very own barista certification course. What is it? Why do it? How do I start? Glad you asked!

What is it?

Cup to Cup's barista certification will consist of three levels of skill: Novice, Journeyman, and Advanced.



The Novice level certification is a practical, hands on, certification designed to teach baristas the very basics of coffee and espresso drink preparation. This is a foundational level that prepares a beginning barista to have a basic level of understanding of espresso, milk steaming, and coffee preparation. Novice level baristas will be able to make classic espresso drinks, follow recipes, and make general adjustments to improve the quality of the drinks they make in their shop. Two classes are required for this level: Barista Basics and Drinks Building. A practical exam will be the final proof a barista is ready to advance to the journeyman level. More experienced baristas can skip this level by passing the practical exam.


The Journeyman level is designed for baristas interested in digging deep into the world of coffee. The Journeyman level prepares a barista interested in advancing their career coffee with all the tools they need to hone their skills and grow as a professional. This level is much more difficult and will take a considerable amount of time to finish. Journeyman students will have a required set of classes as well as opportunities to pursue independent studies in a specific focus. Rather than a practical exam, Journeyman will be given a broad project as their means of passing to the next level. 



In the Advanced level the student becomes the teacher. Advanced level students will be given skills to teach and pass along all of the information they have learned. Students achieving level three will be able to apply for a coffee job at the professional level, and have the skills and tools needed to succeed at that job. They will also be given opportunities to teach level one and two classes.


Why Do It?

The Purpose of creating a barista certification course was to meet baristas where they are in our community and give them skills to build their craft. We provide basic training to our wholesale clients, but there are other baristas in town that want/need more training and don't have the time or money to travel for expensive training. We wanted to provide something that is accessible, affordable, and practical.

How Do I Start?

Our Barista Basics class has been offered on a regular basis for the last year. We wanted to have enough people go through the class before we began offering next level classes. Now we've reached that point! We will begin offering our Drinks Building class at the end of this month, and offer our first Level One Testing in June. Level Two classes will begin sometime this summer. Stop by the cafe any time to learn about class dates and sign up to begin learning!

Classes are never more than $50, and are hands-on in a small group setting so there will be plenty of opportunity to practice, share, and ask questions to help your fellow students grow. The Level One Test is $10, and takes 10-15 minutes. Upon each level passed, students will receive a certificate of completion. 

We are extremely excited to get this program going and look forward to what it means for you as baristas, and our coffee community!