Friends of Cup to Cup: Moon River Brewing Company

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Moon River Brewing Company has served Cup to Cup Coffee for the last 6 years. Named for the Johnny Mercer song of the same name, Moon River is Savannah's premiere brewpub. Their location is considered one of the most haunted in Savannah. The upstairs is closed off for its supposedly uncomfortable, ghost-infested atmosphere. The restaurant itself is something apart from that description entirely. 


Indoors, Moon River is a mature industrial space with plenty of seating for small groups and large parties. The bar is a highlight here, wrapping nearly 360 degrees around the middle of the room. Always on tap are a number of original award-winning brews by Moon River, including the Wacky Wit (a local favorite) and – every now and then – a feature beer or two brewed and infused with Cup to Cup Coffee. Now, that’s cool!


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Outside, Moon River is a beautiful beer garden. This space features open air seating with plenty of large tables for meeting new folks or spending some quality time with friends. I’ve been to a few events here in this space, and its versatility makes it a staple of Savannah’s drink and tourism scene. Locals know, however, that Moon River has much more to offer besides alcohol. The menu is filled with familiar American fare including a delicious grass-fed burger that is one of the best in the area, and a number of specialty sandwiches that never disappoint. Next time you’re looking for a good date spot, consider Moon River, or if you’re winding the night down and want a casual drink in a beautiful space, head straight to the beer garden.


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We’re proud to serve our coffee in this establishment, and hope you’ll have a cup next time you’re at Moon River Brewing.


Written by Keith Baudry