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Here are some links and resources I particularly enjoy:


Coffee Ramblings - The Official Cup to Cup Blog

Cup to Cup's blog, where you can keep up with news old and new as well as other fun coffee related articles.


Crossroads Cafe

Web site of Crossroads Cafe, where I did my apprenticeship. On beautiful lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

The name pretty much says it all. More than everything you wanted to know about coffee. This site is for the person wanting to delve deeper into the world of coffee.


Transfair USA

The all you need to know source for information on Fair Trade products and services.





Coffee Kids

Coffee is a seasonal crop, and many coffee farmers are not able to support their family by growing coffee alone. Coffee Kids is a non-profit organization that helps institute sustainable practices in coffee growing communities and improving lives.


Toomers Coffee

Web site of the shop where I got my start. If you're ever in the Auburn area, check them out!



The World Race

The World Race is the 11 month missions trip I went on in 2007. It was an amazing, life changing experience. If you're searching to make a difference in a real, tangible way, check this site out and get "Wrecked for the Ordinary".


Corridor of Hope

My friend Lynette was also a participant in the World Race. Her heart was broken for the poor and she's decided to do something about it. Check out Corridor of Hope and help make a difference today.