Meet the Roaster

What is Cup to Cup? Cup to Cup is you and me, or you and your friend sitting down and sharing a cup of coffee, and in turn life, with one another.

Coffee is relational. There’s something about sitting down and enjoying a good cup of coffee that breaks down barriers and opens the door to friendship. This is important to us. It also reflects our goal to provide you with a great coffee that is consistent, cup to cup.

My name is James Spano, owner and operator of Cup to Cup Coffee Roasters and Cup to Cup Cafe. My first experience with good coffee came from Toomer’s Coffee Company in my hometown of Auburn, Alabama. The Toomers started out as a small coffee shop and when they expanded and moved to a larger location, I jumped at the opportunity to work for them. This is where I really got my start in coffee and owe the Toomers a tremendous gratitude for the experience.

After college, I went on a year long missions trip traveling around the world. During this trip, I had an amazing time meeting new people and sharing my heart with them. I also had the opportunity to experience coffee in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. I learned about different coffee cultures, different styles in coffee, and different tastes. It was in these places that I experienced the sit down, relaxed coffee atmosphere as opposed to the hurry up and go attitude that is so prevalent in the U.S. The relational, peaceful, settings are what I fell in love with and what I want to share with people here at home. After being back home for a few months, I headed back to get the knowledge and training I needed to get my business started. That brought me to Panajachel, Guatemala where I studied under Mike Roberts from Crossroads Cafe. Mike gave me training in coffee roasting, green bean selection, and guidance in what to look for in coffees. He also gave me wisdom and insight into the relational aspect of the coffee business.

Cup to Cup Coffee Roasters opened up in Savannah, Georgia in the Spring of 2009. In that time it has been amazing and wonderful to see the growth of specialty coffee in this city. Cup to Cup Cafe opened in May of 2016. Growing relationships with customers and sharing what I love about this wonderful thing called coffee has been a true pleasure that I can’t wait to continue to do for many years to come. Thanks for taking the time to learn about Cup to Cup! I look forward to meeting you. Peace.