Costa Rica Garbanzo Estate - Geisha


Costa Rica Garbanzo Estate - Geisha


This is Farmer Franklin Garbanzos pet project, a beautiful geisha variety lovingly grown on his farm. This unique coffee represents years of hard work and labor by Don Franco to create a truly beautiful coffee. 

Tasting Notes: Cactus • Sweet

Farm: Franklin Garbanzo
Region: La Violeta, Tarrazu
Variety: Geisha
Process: White Honey
Altitude: 1,700 Meters

12 oz. 

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Because of the limited availability of this coffee and it's high price, we will publish this coffee on our site at specific times.  We want to ensure your experience of this coffee is at it's absolute best, and we have to roast a certain size batch to do that. To ensure that, and that we don't waste any of this coffee, we will roast and ship only when a set quantity of bags have been ordered. Please understand your shipping time may be delayed because of this. But it's definitely worth the wait!