Friends of Cup to Cup: Coffee Deli

Located in bustling Habersham village, Coffee Deli is yet another arm of aptly named establishments put together by Johnny Baker and Paula Letcher including Bar Food, and the newly opened Mani Pedi.  The name says it all, they are great sandwich shop serving specialty coffee as well. Their menu offers a number of fairly priced and affordable sandwich and salad options, including a “build-your-own” menu of fresh ingredients and a variety of breads. 

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Coffee Deli serves Cup to Cup at their location, always offering the option of a medium or dark roast, and a wide range of espresso drinks which are complimented by a menu of breakfast sandwiches available all day. One intriguing aspect is their variety of large menu items on offer.  At Coffee Deli, you can walk out with a whole Poppyseed Chicken casserole for only $35, lasagna, and a variety of other casserole options are also readily available.  They also sell prepared food by the pound, boasting of in-house smoked salmon and deviled eggs for a dollar each. 

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The atmosphere in Coffee Deli is clean and friendly, with an attentive and helpful staff. Lots of four top tables ensure there will be plenty of room for your group, and free WiFi makes this a great place to work if you’re trying to get away from home or the office. All in all, the place stays fairly busy, so call ahead if you’re wanting that lasagna. Otherwise, walk in, grab a breakfast sandwich and a cup of Cup to Cup Coffee for a better start to your day. 



What:         Coffee Deli


Where:     4517 Habersham St.


When:         M-F 6am – 6pm

Sat 6am – 5pm

Sun 8am – 5pm


Why:           Great cup of coffee  ;)

          Variety of deli sandwich options

          Uniquely Southern catering menu

          Easy-going and friendly atmosphere